ThorLite™ Shockproof Phone Case For Samsung

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Color: Black
Material: Galaxy S8
$24.99 $49.99
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If you’ re looking for a brand-new Samsung Phone Case, your search ends here! This case has a fashionable design and it is committed to providing first-class protection. It is made of environmentally-friendly, ultra-light materials, which makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

This phone case is perfect for every occasion and its tough armor series is perfect for heavy-duty protection for your Galaxy phoneIt has an inner layer of TPU for shock absorption and to protect against scratches. There's also a handy kickstand on the back, so you can watch videos hands-free.

On top of providing excellent protection, this phone case also looks really cool, and are available in six vibrant colors.

  • HEAVY PROTECTION: The masterfully designed casing with improved shock-resistance and anti-crack properties goes well with its superbly engineered screen protector that is also guaranteed never to attract prints off your fingers. The overall body of the case is engineered for optimum strength and durability. It also protects your phone from heavy dust, snow, and dirt.
  • ELEGANT TOUGH DESIGN: Our case is tougher than the slim design and lightweight build lets on. This case will protect your phone from the heaviest of impacts, and your display will be protected thanks to the screen protector. The openings are all present and correct and the case is a perfect fit. 
  • CLASS MEETS FUNCTIONALITY: This phone case is suitable for daily use and you can carry it with you while doing sports like climbing or skiing. It can also be a good partner at work, accompanying you everywhere, whether you’ re an executive, a field surveyor or a drilling worker.



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