Samsung Privacy Anti Spy Screen Protector

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This Samsung Privacy Screen Protector will help you keep your private messages private making sure that your screen is for your eyes only. The design is simple, allowing only the person holding the phone to see the screen. Never again will you have to cover your phone just to communicate in secret.

  • See your screen, but keeps other from looking over
  • Keeps your information private and safe from others 
  • Made from high quality materials to protect your screen from damage and scratches with specially processed glass that has been reinforced to increase shock absorbency
  • 9H hardness, three times stronger than regular PET film 
  • Anti-Shatter feature: If broken, the protector breaks into small pieces that are not sharp, making it safer than other glass products


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Customers Reviews

By, ​Rina on ​July 9, 2018


Absolutely love this phone screen cover. Easy to put on, can't tell it's there, and make-up/ finger smudges wipe off without me even trying. I'll only use tempered glass from now on. Gave the extra one to my friend. Excellent screen cover. Best I've used on any of my electronics and more affordable.

By, ​Jackie on July 8, 2018


I love this product. I buy 2 packs at a time to make sure the phones in my house are protected... and when someone cracks a screen protector (instead of a screen), I pop it off and pop another one on! Super simple and has saved us from the huge expense of having screens replaced.

By, ​Lauryn on ​July 5, 2018


Perfect tempered real glass cover and love that you get 2! The company emailed to make sure I didn't have any install questions and that it installed well, super convenient and would absolutely order this or anything from them again!!

By, ​Judith on ​June 3, 2018


This product is amazing! Is like there is no screen protector at all, crystal clear and smooth surface! I will definitely buy again. Not difficult to apply at all even comes with wipes for you to clean your phone screen before applying the screen protector.

By, Roberta on ​July 2, 2018


I have dropped my phone twice in less . Both times I had this protection. So worth it. I am so happy that my screen is intact and that I didn't have to pay an exaggeration for this. Thank you!

By, ​Alie on ​June 30, 2018


I really appreciate the fact that it was so easy to install! I didn't have any problem putting it on at all! I wish all screen protectors came with the installation package that these one do, it made it less of a hassle to install! And it looks nice on the phone as well!

By, ​Paul on ​June 24, 2018


I dropped my phone recently, shattering my prior tempered glass that had been applied . It's seen a lot of drops and falls since then, and seeing as the glass screen only recently shattered, I knew I needed to get a replacement one stat. Between the case it's in and this glass, my phone is perfect working condition.


Arrived on time and in good shape. Easy to install, and provides better protection than the film type. This was made and packaged for easy application. I haven't dropped my phone yet but it seems sturdy.

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