RealBeauty™ Eye Wand

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Color: Pink
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Get Rid of Wrinkles, Eye Bags, Black Eyes and Bring Glowing Face Effortlessly

Your face deserves to be as beautiful as earlier.

Gift this RealBeauty™ Eye Wand to yourself and get a fresh & glowing look this year.

This would be a perfect gift ever for yourself.

RealBeauty™ Eye Wand uses ionic and vibration massaging, to efficiently remove wrinkles, eye bags, and black eyes.

 Here is Why You'll Love This:

  • You'll Get Rid of Wrinkles, Eye Bags, and Black Eyes Quickly
  • Improves blood circulation (which helps to glow your face)
  • Zero Side Effects
  • Uses Ion, Vibration, and Ultrasonic Pulses Technology
  • Smart controlling by the sensor plate
  • Carry Anywhere, Anytime

How To Use:

This is very easy to use - Just 3 simple steps and you're on the way to glowing face.

1. Take off protective cap and power on the Eye Wand.

2. Apply desired eye care essence on parts around the eye or mouth area.

3. Gently massage around the skin parts.

NOTE: Make sure to contact the silver plate sensor when you use.

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