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The New Generation of Phone Battery Charger 

This mini emergency Pocket Battery Charger is designed and compatible with ALL phones. Much smaller than others but powerful to add your phone extra battery.
Forget the brick sized cell phone power bank. Take this Pocket Battery Charger with you anywhere you go.

Built-in Lightning Charging Plug - Recharging with lightning cable too, no need to get a extra micr-USB charging cable like others.

Small & Light - Put in your pocket, bag, purse, or handbag easily. 

Powerful & Fast - It's fast, convenient, and has a whopping 3300mAh capacity.

Supports All Phones - Compatible with both iPhone & Android phones.

LED Power Indicator & Power Button - Just plug to your phone for charging, it will power on automatically. Check the power status by pressing the button. Double press the button to power off when don't use. (It will auto power off in 30 seconds when don't in use).



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Customers Reviews

By, ​Sara on ​July 12, 2018


I love this portable charger. This charger is perfect because you don't have to have a cord laying around. It plugs straight into your phone and charges your phone when you are out and about. I can still talk on it while it's charging. I also like that when its time to charge the power bank you can use your lightning cable. I had another power bank and you had to have a separate cord to charge it. This one also matches my phone!!

By, ​Ken on July 11, 2018


This tiny portable little charge packs a punch in functionality. It's small and light, and can charge my iPhone 7 Plus from 15% battery level to 80% in about 1 hour. Recharging the charger takes about 2 hours. The LED lights on the charger lets you know how much power is left on it. There is a on/off switch on the side and a micro USB charging port on the other. The little cover/cap for the lighting connector is an excellent touch to boot. The best part of this charger is that I no longer need to tether a power bank and a charging cable when I run low on power. I just plug this into the phone and keep using it.

By, ​B.R. on ​July 9, 2018


This portable charger has really impressed me. The battery charge up within a hour and the three led lights let you know when it’s fully charged. When I plugged it into my iPhone it charged about the same as when I’m plugging it into the wall. But the two main features I love about this portable charger is that it charging with your lighting cable, don’t have too many micro usb cables because my family is all apple. So was glad to see that and another feature is that once you unplug the portable charger from the iPhone, in about 5 seconds the charger will turn off by itself. So you can just put it back into your pocket til the next charge. Definitely recommend for any iPhone or iPad user.

By, ​Kiana on ​July 4, 2018


This charger is awesome! I plugged it into my phone at 21% and within 15 minutes it was at 50%! Truly amazed and happy it’s so not too obnoxious.

By, Maggie on ​June 31, 2018


very compact and convenient. Its about the size of a lipstick 💄 and the lid is a cery nice thing to have when you put in handbags ets so that its not damaged. No more phone dead scenario now!!!

By, ​Vee on ​June 28, 2018


I am in love with this product!!!! sooooo convenient and super easy to carry around. fit perfectly in my small tiny bag. can carry around while charging.

By, ​Lucky on ​June 27, 2018


Nice and easy to use light weight and small so comfortable to carry very like it

By, ​Ron on ​June 25, 2018


Light weight, easy to use just plug in and you’re good to go. Fast charging and convenient to carry around. Comes in safe and secure package. Highly recommend.

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