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Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
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Ultra HD 4K ActionCam

Sale price $59.97 Regular price $249.99

GoPro Quality For Less Than 1/5 The Price!

Now you can capture all the fun in Ultra HD 4K glory without spending hundreds of dollars on an overpriced action camera! Finally, an affordable, yet top quality, waterproof action camera that’s rugged enough to handle anything! 

Record sharp, stunning video of outdoor adventures or extreme sports like skiing, biking, hiking, diving and more. 

Wear it on your body, mount it on gear or simply go handheld to relive all the fun, crazy memories when you get home. 

Shoot Epic Videos. Make Everyone Jealous.
ActionCam shoots video at Ultra HD 4K and takes photos at 12 megapixels so everything is captured beautifully. Plus it comes in an ultra-rugged, 30-meter waterproof housing so it handles even the most extreme adventures stress-free. 

Jaw-Dropping Video, Right Out Of The Box.
And unlike GoPro which charges an extra $100 for must-haves like mounts, housings, clips, batteries, bars and bandages… With the Ultra HD 4K ActionCam , we’ve included these accessories at no cost, meaning no extra purchases are necessary to shoot world-class videos. Saving you a further $100 on accessories.

Wifi Remote Control. It's Never Been So Easy. 
Control your Ultra HD 4K ActionCam from your phone with the Ez iCam App available on the App Store and Google Play. 

Thanks to a recent breakthrough in camera tech, it’s now possible to offer top quality video in a truly affordable package. We’re talking video that’s more detailed, smooth and lifelike than ever, thanks to a next-gen sensor, lens and image stabilizer. Vivid video, amazing audio, and pro photos. Forget that fragile, pricey smartphone at home! 

The Ultra HD 4K ActionCam can be mounted on your helmet, vehicle or gear, so it’s always rolling and never misses a thing. Plus it’s tough, waterproof housing keeps it safe during any dive, trail, jump, race or trick - nothing is off-limits. Capture the fun and adventure stress-free.

The Ultra HD 4K ActionCam is perfect for outdoor adventures or extreme sports like skiing, climbing, biking, surfing, diving, snorkeling, hiking, boating or even as a low cost car dashcam or home security system. 

And it even comes in 5 awesome colors to match your style or gear: Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Silver. 

LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Today only we’re selling The Ultra HD 4K ActionCam for 60% off and Free Worldwide Shipping, PLUS, we’re throwing in 20 accessories at no cost! So claim your ActionCam today for a truly unbeatable deal since quality action cameras like these cost well over $200 each! 

Here's What People Are Saying... 

"I used to own a GoPro so I wasn’t expecting much, but this camera is just as good 👍 . I use it all the time on hikes, for surfing and even the odd, home video. I have no idea how they make it for this price but it’s very impressive. I’ve been sharing my videos on Facebook and everyone asks what camera I’m using. 😎"

Dennis Beugelink Phoenix, Arizona

"At less than 1/5 the price of a GoPro, I figured it was worth a try and I was right! 🙏 I recorded hours of biking and driving video and the footage looks amazing! Crisp, smooth and very pro looking. I even dropped it badly a few times and it’s still going strong. I’m very impressed and would definitely buy it again! 👌"

Daniel Jameson Los Angeles, California

"I tested it against my friends’ expensive action camera, and even though it’s far less expensive, the video quality was just as good. 😍 It’s crazy! Plus it held up way better when we went diving, as his kept leaking. 😂 I’m very happy with my purchase and LOVE that I got it for less than $100. ❤️ Crazy."

Jessica Cohen Boulder, Colorado

What's Included:

  • Ultra HD 4K ActionCam
  • Waterproof Housing
  • Battery
  • Handle Bar/ Pole Mount
  • 4 x Bandages
  • Lens Cloth
  • 2 x Clips
  • Tethers
  • Metal Tether
  • Protective Backdoor
  • Helmet Mounts
  • 7 x Mounts
  • Helmet Mount
  • USB Cable & Charger
  • User Manual


  • Truly Affordable - Action cameras of this quality usually cost over $200 each. The reason we can sell them for ¼ or less of the price is thanks to a recent technological breakthrough in sensor design that captures stellar images yet is a fraction of the price to produce.
  • Ultra Lens - Utilizing the latest all-glass design, you can expect sharper images, better color and more detail with less motion artifacts. No matter the conditions, ActionCam will deliver clear, vivid video for a cinematic and gripping experience in full Ultra HD 4K.
  • Ultra Rugged - The inner camera unit is placed inside a shock and dust-proof case, designed to withstand extreme environments. Drop it on tarmac? No problem. Got buried in sand? It’ll be fine. No more stress about damaging precious cameras, ActionCam is built to last.
  • Super Sensor - The included “Eagle Eye” sensor ensures videos have ½ the noise, artifacts and grain compared to regular action cameras. Plus the latest 1080p chipset boasts a 40% increase in image sharpness so you enjoy cinema-quality video as standard.
  • Waterproof - The camera unit is housed inside a fully waterproof housing, rated at IP68 which means it can be submerged up to 30 meters underwater without any leaking. Going for a deep snorkeling session? Feel free. Heading out for a surf in big waves? Go for it. ActionCam will handle most water activity short of deep sea diving.
  • Fully Mountable - You can attach it to a helmet, clip it to your chest, fasten it to the tip of a surfboard, mount it to a bicycle, or place it on a tripod to catch the action from a distance. Or use many ActionCams to capture multiple angles, making editing and the finished video truly engaging.
  • Silky Smooth Video - ActionCam’s next-gen video stabilising engine ensures even the most turbulent downhill biking or skiing run comes out stunningly smooth. Take some shaky handheld boating shots without worry, it will look great.
  • Easy To Use - Thanks to it’s simple One-Button control design, ActionCam is effortless to set up and use. Simple clip it on a chosen mount, hit record and forget about it knowing the day’s footage will be amazing - no help or babysitting needed. Just grab and go.
  • Lasts For Hours - Don’t worry about needing to charge up in the middle of the action or carrying 12 spare batteries! The included battery is a whopping 900mAh allowing you to shoot at full quality for up to 3 hours non-stop.
  • Wide Angle - ActionCam is fitted with a 170° super wide fisheye lens that is designed to closely mimic the field of view of human eyes. This ensures it captures more of you and the scenery in every shot, making for truly immersive and captivating action or adventure footage.
  • Stellar Sound - Equipped with high sensitivity stereo microphones, ActionCam will capture the loud blast of a motorbike to distant bird chirps just as well. While it’s noise and wind reduction circuitry ensures even the most chaotic action is clear and crisp.
  • Ultra-Portable - The units size is just 1.6” X 2.3” X 0.9” making it a tiny but powerful travel companion that easily fits in your pocket. It’s lightweight too so you won’t feel it mounted on your gear when moving around. The perfect travel companion.
  • Customisable - It comes in 6 awesome colors to match your style or gear including black, gold, silver, pink, blue and yellow. Plus the waterproof housing can be taken off when size or weight is a concern. And since it comes with 5 mounts, it can attach to nearly anything. Make it your own.
  • LCD Display - The bright, high contrast 2-inch LCD Display has a resolution of 320 X 240 pixels, making it the ultimate monitor to check on photos, play back shots and choose the perfect composition, even in bright sunlight or at night.
  • Storage - Utilising the industry-standard micro SD card, you’re free to shoot up to 32GB of video before needing to change the card. This gives you all-day freedom to record without worrying about running out of space.

Customers Reviews

By, ​Rich on ​February 1, 2018


Camera came with almost all the necessary accessories you will ever need on an action camera (even I don’t know how to use some of them). It has a sturdy rigid black plastic body and the waterproof case is also very durable and clear.
I like video quality! Main reason for buying this camera is for my upcoming trip to Florida where I am planning to do snorkeling and some under water activities so this small thing is of highly use over there. Really excited to try this thing in water.

By, ​Chris on January 29, 2018


I purchased this to take videos and nature pictures while I bike ride. I honestly wasn't expecting the best quality for the price but I am honestly surprised how the quality exceeded my expectation. This is also really simple to use and comes with all the accessories needed unlike other cameras I was looking at. It is packed into an underwater case to use for underwater and for safety against scratches. It will wind up going everywhere with you!

By, ​Victor on ​January 23, 2017


I got this action camera for our vacation and I’m happy to have it. The quality is really great, it came for a complete set of accessories that I needed. I like the user manual included it easy to understand and follow the instructions. The angle of this camera is wide enough to capture the view and can take photos very clear. I’m more excited to use this in every adventure that we have for this year. I will give five star.

By, ​Vanesa on ​January 8, 2018


Love, love, love this action camera... always want GoPro but is too costly... found this one - it’s easy to operate and has handy app which I can take photo or video directly through app instead of of camera. I can even upload photo/video right away without a cable. Just did a test video with my hubby’s mini bike. We both love it. Can’t wait to bring to Hawaii for under water photo. Highly recommend!!!!

By, Lilu on ​January 11, 2018


I loved my family loves to go camping and I like to record the adventures so this will facilitate me to record and enjoy the moment is also excellent to go to the pool and record the mischief of my children is simply the best

By, ​Jessica on ​January 2, 2018


Really beautiful pictures and videos. Easy to use and mount. This camera is great for under water use, my nephew took it scuba diving. I’m looking forward to recording more amazing moments with this camera. 4K!

By, ​Eric on ​December 30, 2017


Awesome little camera! Shoots great video, easy to use, and not too expensive!
It is simple to upload the videos onto your computer with the included cables.

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