MonkeyTail™ Selfie Stick

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Be ready for a Revolution of photo and video. With MonkeyTail™ Selfie Stick every place is best suited to capture your life. Whether you are a traveler, athlete or blogger – this selfie stick is a game changer!

What is the MonkeyTail™ Selfie Stick?

MonkeyTail™ Selfie Stick is a selfie stick, monopod, mount & stand all rolled into one pocket-able device. MonkeyTail™ Selfie Stick is truly a traveler's dream. It is extremely flexible and bendable which makes it easy for you to take the perfect photo anywhere.

360 Flexible & Bendable

The non-slip hard rubber provides a perfect grip on all surfaces and objects. The flexible monkey tail can be easily bent, shaped & wrapped in seconds to any objects you desire. The monopod head, on the other hand, is absolutely robust and provides a stable hold. The mobile phone or camera will always remain in their position and will not shake.

100% Steady

The MonkeyTail™ Selfie Stick holds on to all substrates, surfaces, and materials despite its maximum flexibility. Due to its flexibility, it adapts optimally to all objects and "clings" to them. Smooth photos & videos are guaranteed.

Bluetooth Remote Control!

Solo travelers rejoice! Now you will be able to take photos or videos with your phone even from a greater distance even when you are traveling alone. Fantastic for taking group shots with your family and friends as well.  

Compatible with iPhones & Android smartphones

Pairing your smartphone with the Bluetooth remote is really simple

Step 1: Turn the switch on the side of the remote control - off to on. 

Step 2:  Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings. 

Step 3:  Connect to the device " AB Shutter3 ". This is the name of the Bluetooth remote control.

Step 4:  Now go into the camera mode of your mobile phone. Here you select now the desired format - photo or video. 

Step 5:  And now you're ready to go! Click on the button corresponding to your mobile phone type to trigger the photo or start the video. If you're making a video, end the recording with a second click on the same button. 


  • Weight: 120 g 
  • Length: 42 cm
  • 360 degree flexible and bendable
  • Bluetooth remote included 


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