Pets Premium Glow-In-The-Dark LED Safety Collar

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Color: Green
Size: XS
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Are you keeping your dog safe at night?! Every year, thousands of dogs get hit because they're not visible at night to cars! Introducing our best-selling Premium Glow-In-The-Dark LED Safety Collar which lights up your dog and keeps them safe and very visible! With a simple on/off button and options for solid or flashing light, our Safety Collar glows brightly with its strong LED technology. It is also water resistant and lasts up to 80 hours before a battery change is needed. Grab one while supplies last!


  • Material: Polyester Fiber 
  • Applicable: Dogs and cats
  • Elastic Push Button: Collar size can be adjusted by pushing the button, convenient and safe 
  • Light Pattern: Solid, Flash, Slow Flash, Stop, Controlled By Switch ON/OFF. 
  • Battery lifetime: 60-80 hours, normal 2-3 months ; battery can be replaced. Available in convenience stores or supermarkets.
  • Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, White, Pink
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Size Chart:

XS = Width 2.0cm * Length 30-38 cm (11.8- 15.0 inch)
S = Width 2.5cm * Length 35-43 cm (13.8- 16.9 inch)  
M = Width 2.5cm * Length 40-48 cm (15.7- 18.9 inch)  
L = Width 2.5cm * Length 45-52 cm (17.7- 20.5 inch)
XL = Width 2.5cm * Length 52-60cm (20.5- 23.6 inch)  

Customers Reviews

By, ​Mark on ​June 24, 2018


My dog goes for walks by himself occasionally an its nice to be able to spot him way down the road.

By, ​Janice on June 15, 2018


What a brilliant idea, sometime it is so hard to see when walking them at night, this collars would be a safety collars for both dog and owner.

By, ​Charlie on ​June 3, 2018


Aside from the safety aspect of being seen by cars etc... This little gem would allow my dog to be picked out in the dark in the park at night time...also at training. Imagine the fun if all of our dogs lit up the parks at Christmas. 

By, ​Ricki on May 29, 2018


We got one for our dog Tango, we see him perfectly when we take our evening beach walks

By, Melissa on ​May 28, 2018


I live in Fort Worth Texas and it's very hot in the summer, so I run my boys at night when it's cooler. These help me see where they are!! Love them!!

By, ​Sandy on ​May 12, 2018


Perfect for my dogs. Being out in the country there are many times you can not see the dogs. Never know when coyotes and mountain lions are passing through the property. Sure hope they work! What a great idea! Thank you.

By, ​Chloe on ​May 9, 2018


This is perfect for my jack Russell! Betty hoop is a energetic dog who loves to run and chase anything that flies or runs! (she wouldn't hurt a fly she just likes to run) this collar is perfect for her as half the time when it's cooler later on and it's dark we can't see her! 

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