LED Digital Thermometer

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Monitor Shower Temperature In Real Time!

2017 newly innovated technology to monitor shower temperature in real time. Upgrade and modernize your bath room with this elegant and sleek design LED digital thermometer, premium quality that even fit to bathrooms in five star hotel. Get the most accurate water temperature to protect your children and family (especially for families having toddlers or babies).

With high-precision temperature sensor and accuracy (±1.5℉ for US and ±0.5℃) you'll get the most accurate water temperature instantly and with 360° rotatable waterproof led screen for better viewing.


  • Max Measuring Temperature: 70°C- 99°C
  • Power Type: AAA Battery
  • Connects to standard 1/2 inch hose (most families and hotels standard)
  • Check if your shower hose is able to be dissembled (refer to the images for the size of this device to evaluate the installation)

Customers Reviews

By, ​Niki on ​October 23, 2017


There's nothing I hate worse than jumping into a freezing or scalding shower. This little gem solves that problem for me. This digital shower thermometer is as effective as it is simple. Just an easy 2- minute installation, and this beauty is ready to go. No switches, no buttons, no batteries. Just turn on the shower and it's working.
I like my summertime showers around 92°F. With this, I can adjust my shower to the temp I want, before I get in. 

By, ​Jessica on ​October 12, 2017


This Digital LED Shower Thermometer is amazing! This is such a good design as it will show the temperature of the water without even feeling it! One of the many things I like about this shower thermometer is the fact that I can see the temperature LED display from outside my shower! I can be waiting beside the shower while the hot water kicks in and I'll know exactly when to go take the shower at my desired temperature.

By, ​Aaron on ​September 27, 2017


This is a great way to make sure the water isn't too hot for my kids. The thermometer works well and is accurate. Its within 1 degree of my hand held mercury thermometer. The display is easy to spin to adjust to the best viewing angle. Products looks good and works well.

By, ​Michelle on ​September 8, 2017


This is one of those devices that you see and think..... Hmmmmm would this be helpful??? I say yes! Simply take off your shower head, screw this on the shower neck, then screw the shower head back on to it. Brilliant invention and design. 10/10 recommended. 

By, Greg on ​September 1, 2017


What type of person is an ideal customer? A parent! It can keep your kids from turning the water too hot. They can get a quick visual for how hot it is and turn it down. Also great for the elderly!

By, ​Rachel on ​August 28, 2017


I'm happy with my purchase. It's good for peace of mind. My 7 year old took advantage of it this evening exactly as he should.

By, ​Allie on ​August 21, 2017


Very easy to install and no setup needed. It works 100% without any leak or problem.
The white LED display is easy to read. Now - no more guessing how hot or cold the water is - you'll always know - thanks to this new invention for the shower.
Excellent Quality and very affordable. 

By, ​Jack on ​July 30, 2017


Top notch. So wonderful for figuring out a perfect temperature. Good for bathing kids. Great looking digital readout. Very easy install. 5 stars and you definitely have my vote. 

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