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Attach ​the Flexipod to any of your precious devices for a 100% secure handle of your device​. It's ​a perfect solution for selfies, travels, extreme activities, sports, and everyday use​​​. This ​​flexible, portable, lightweight, universal and most importantly LOVABLE Flexipod​ is going viral! Get yours now.

The Ultimate Tripod for Any phone: The compact portable design allows you to take it anywhere you go. Works with any smartphone, point and shoot camera and GoPro. It even works as a tablet stand and selfie stick!

Flexible Design: Wrap it around a tree branch, hang it on a post or level it out on uneven terrain. The strong flexible legs hold in any situation. Features anti-slip rubber feet for extra stability. 

Universal Compatibility: Includes a universal phone mount that securely holds any size smartphone including the iPhone 7+ or Samsung Galaxy Note 7. 

Superior Quality: The durable, lightweight design allows you to easily bring it anywhere you go. Features a high grade metal 1/4" screw mount and ball joint for ultimate durability. 

Keep Your Device safe: You can trust the Flexipod with your device. The extremely durable legs can be contorted to adjust and grip onto smartphones, pocket cameras, and even GoPros very securely.

Bonus QuikPic Bluetooth Remote Shutter: Perfect for taking wireless pictures and videos with your smartphone from up to 30 feet away!


  • Flexible legs
  • Rubber grip feet
  • Metal ball joint & 1/4" screw
  • Durable, portable design
  • Includes: Flexipod, Cellphone Holder & Bluetooth Remote Control

Customers Reviews

By, ​Hunter on ​January 21, 2018


This little gadget works great! I wanted something small to put in my pack on hunting trips. First time out, I got the opportunity to use it. Wrapped the legs around a small tree (2 around, and 1 against - holding iPhone out to the side. Using the Bluetooth remote, I was able to get pics of my buddy and I both with our turkeys.

By, ​Kim on January 13, 2017


I am about as techno savvy as a mole cricket, so when I got a job that required me to do video chats, I was very nervous. Now that I have my tripod, I don't have to worry about my shaking hands and trying to hold the phone at the right angle without looking like a contortionist. I recommend this product to anyone. What a luxury to sit back and relax while doing a video chat!

By, ​Kaitlin on ​January 2, 2017


This works just as it's supposed to and the convenient Bluetooth shutter button is great. This product will be awesome when I'm doing an on the go blog post and I love how it can be used as a selfie stick that's 1000x less embarrassing. I would say that I realize that I will have to purchase a regular size tripod as I have to really prop this one up, but the movable legs make this perfect for your unconventional shots. Definitely recommend and will be looking to try more products from Gadgets catalog.

By, ​Eric on ​December 27, 2017


Have used this several times now with the remote and it is awesome. The tripod easily grips around handrails or goes flat to make it really stable. We got great pictures using this on our last vacation. For the price you can't go wrong, plus the whole thing is light enough to fit in my pocket this thing is super light. That is a huge bonus when you are restricted on how much you can carry.

By, J.R. on ​December 12, 2017


I got this a a birthday gift for my friend who takes a lot of photos with his iphone. He loved it and everyone at the party went nuts over it and wanted it. Its really a very cool gadget. Everything works as advertised.

By, ​Barb on ​November 23, 2017


This little thing is AWESOME!! It works very well and can be used to take single photos, or hold the button down and it takes a bunch at a time OR hold the button with 2 quick pushes and it starts to record!

By, ​Mike on ​November 2, 2017


Very cool little tripod. Have used it to hold up my iphone 6 and it does so very well.

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