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You need to make an emergency call but your phone is out of power. Does this sound familiar?

All you need is the Emergency Phone Charger and two AA batteries and you are good to go. The Emergency Phone Charger could charge your phone up to 40% in 30 minutes. The device is portable and can fit into your pocket, purse, backpack, keychain, etc. Get one today and never let your phone die on you when you need it most.


  • Built-in DC quick charging boosted circuit.
  • Two AA batteries it can boost 5V, and power transfer efficiency can reach more than 90%.
  • Moreover, tow AA batteries can charge your Samsung phone (2500mah battery) up to 40% within 30 minutes.
  • Built-in smart protection circuit senses when the AA batteries used or the device fully charged, and it will stop charging automatically.
  • Almost every convenient store carries AA batteries.
  • Output USP pinout: Type-C


  • Input Voltage:1.5V-3V
  • Color: Black, Blue, Red
  • Size: 1.7cm x 1.7cm x 1.8cm/0.66’’ x 0.66’’ x 0.71’’(approx)
  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Output Current: 500mah-1500mah
  • Compatible for: Micro USB, type C phones.
  • Use 2pcs 5#AA Battery,Or 5# rechargeable battery. (not included)
  • Quantity: 1 set

Package includes:

  • 1 x Emergency Phone Charger
  • 1 x Type C Connector 

Customers Reviews

By, ​Ronald on ​August 26, 2018


This is a handy "emergency" charger. For those who like to travel light, this wont take up a lot of room and you can usually find a couple of AA batteries to use in a pinch. I reviewed this on my Facebook and Youtube channels as a possible Father's Day Gift Idea.

By, ​Heartland on August 24, 2018


Another emergency that WORKS. 2AA cells click securely onto magnet holders and just plugs in and use. 

By, ​David on ​August 20, 2018


It's a novelty item, but it has "saved the day" when I had no other means to charge my phone. 

By, ​Anita on ​August 17, 2018


Works and looks as advertised. Small enough to carry with you for quick charge. Highly recommend this. 

By, Richard on ​August 16, 2018


I was skeptical before I ordered it but based on the price I decided to give it a shot and I was amazed at how cool and great this emergency charger is. Works great, charges the phone fast and really small so I can take it with me anywhere.

By, ​Hallie on ​August 14, 2018


Good product! Actually had to use for the first time 2 days ago when my battery ran out and I had to use my gps to navigate to a meeting and didn't have my charger with me. Saved me ;)

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