We kept track of the most popular toys that sold like crazy in 2018... and we put the top 10 items to the test here at Gadgets Catalog. We just know that you and your kids will LOVE them just as much in 2019!

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#1 Build-On Brick Lego Mug 

A mug and construction set all in one! What's not to love?! We've never seen a group of adults faces light up as much as when we brought these into the Gadgets Catalog office to try out! With a choice of 4 colours, you can completely customise your mug and even add your own Lego pieces. Kids as well as adults will go crazy for these mugs! This is the perfect gift!

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#2 Flying Toy

"WHOA it's magic!" exclaimed one of our toy testers! This flying toy will help their imaginations come to life. With motion-sensor technology that detects and avoids objects, these real flying toys will blow their minds!

Comes in 4 different designs: Pink Fairy, Blue Fairy, Minion and Elsa.

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#3 Shooting Fire Dinosaur

What is it about scary toys that kids love?! This dinosaur is no exception. Kids loved the realistic roar sounds and movements of this dinosaurs neck, tail, wings and mouth. And its strong feet that actually make it walk. Even better is when it sprays mist with red light, just like fire erupted from its mouth! Scary but fun!

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#4 Snap N’ Glow Car Race Track 

This new take on Scalectrix has made the Snap n' Glow Track a 2018 best seller! With 600 pieces that glow in the dark, kids and adults can race the light up electric toy car, and customise the track using ramps, bridges, and turns. Our team of testers enjoyed seeing who could make the best track and then whizzing round in the dark!

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#5 Starry Sky LED Projector 

Some of our parent testers took this home for their children, and 1 said it was the best night sleep their child had had for ages! This mesmerizing night light is perfect for a kids bedroom and alternative to a night light as it can actually help them fall asleep with its soothing light show. Comes with 9 different lighting effects and color combinations.

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#6 Foldable RC Quadcopter Drone

With over 150,000 units sold, this drone was last year's best seller! We took it to the sky to test it out and were really impressed by its awesome 3D stunts, as well as features like one button take off and landing, altitude hold and one key return. You can also stream videos right to your phone, which the office staff loved as we flew it around the warehouses! With its foldable design, this drone is nothing short of awesome!

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#7 Kids Waterproof Smart Watch 

We predict this to be the KIDS NO.1 GADGET FOR 2019! With its cool and modern design, kids love wearing it and showing it off to their friends. What's great about it is, it gives parents peace of mind to be able to track their child anywhere and anytime. It's full of more features than you'd even expect from an adult version costing at least 5 times the price of this Kids Smart Watch! Fully waterproof, its many features include high definition screen, GPS, SOS, messages, reminders, call reminder, and two-way communication and sooo much more.

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#8 Magic Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Who doesn't love karaoke?! Well, we took a bunch of these to try at a kids party and...wow! Both the kids and adults had such fun, the parents even went on to buy their own to take home! Record your own songs or sing along using Bluetooth connected device. The kids loved the voice changing effects and feeling like a star!

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#9 Plush Glowing Star

This is one of the cutest pillows we've ever seen. It's clear why kids love it so much - it's super soft and cuddly, with a lovely friendly face that gently lights up like a glowing star. Perfect as both a security night light and pillow, it's an ideal gift.

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#10 Retro Game Console 

With over 800 classic games, this game console is pretty amazing! Our customers have been raving about this toy for months - parents were giving it to their kids as gifts, and discovering the awesome games from their own childhood; everything from arcade retro games, logic & math, sports, puzzle, shooting, action, racing, fighting games, strategy, adventure, card games and much more you know and love!

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