360° Universal Magnetic Phone Holder

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Keep a clean, minimalist style and take advantage of the frustration-free click on, click off functionality, with this sleek, 360-degree magnetic mount.

✓ Short-range neodymium magnets are safe near all electronics.
✓ Attach to your phone or phone case!
✓ The mount uses foam adhesive tape so it can be safely removed from any dashboard.
✓ Smooth 360-degree rotation gives unlimited angles.
✓ Compatible with all phones and tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will the magnet damage my phone?
A: No. This is a common misconception. Magnets can damage old hard drives because the data was written and read using a magnetic head.
Modern electronics, including phones, use solid state hard drives that are not affected by magnets. The 360° Universal Magnetic Phone Holder is safe to use with all devices.

Q: Isn't it illegal to use your phone while driving?
A: Laws differ in each country, but we agree that holding a phone while driving is distracting and dangerous.
The 360° Universal Magnetic Phone Holder removes the need to hold a phone while driving and allows you to safely and legally use your phone for GPS and hands-free calls.

Q: I use a phone case. Will this work?
A: Yup! You can attach it to your case instead of your phone, if you'd like.

Q: Will this damage my dashboard or phone?
A: Nope. The 360° Universal Magnetic Phone Holder uses a special 3M sticker that is designed to be strong but also removable.
Removing the metal disc from your phone or the 360° Universal Magnetic Phone Holder from your dashboard will not leave residue or cause damage.


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Customers Reviews

By, ​Lori on ​April 18, 2018


This is the most amazing thing! It holds the phone great (and I have a Samsung Galaxy 8+, so it's not a small phone)! I love the magnet on the back of my phone, too...very stylish! And it works through my plastic case! I would give it 10 stars if I could!

By, ​Taly on April 17, 2018


Very good product. Especially if you use it in a cool place or an office. I only gave it three stars because didn't handle 85° heat very well. The padding around the round magnet has a glue that just melts. Then it gets on your phone and hands and it's a sticky mess. If they could find a better quality glue, or not use the padding this would be a 5 star product.

By, ​Isaac on ​April 15, 2018


This thing is awesome, I can't say enough. You can place it up on your dash (horizontally), or you can stick it to your radio unit/front panel with no problems. This thing is NOT falling off. The range of motion on this thing is awesome! You can spin it all around, move it up and down, turn your phone 360 degrees and never disconnect it. You don't have to worry about the mount being small/large enough to clip onto any of your cars air vents, simply because it sticks instead. I removed the mount one day and was happy to find that it was VERY strong and hard to peel off, and when it finally did come off, there was NO RESIDUE left behind. 

By, ​Tammy on ​April 14, 2018


This thing is versatile, strong, small, pretty, and everything else! I love it. 5/5

By, Linda on ​April 11, 2018


I very rarely write reviews. I shop all the time online and I only leave reviews for excellent products that exceed expectations or those that disappoint. This product is excellent. I have tried many types of cell phone holders. This one is the very best. Easy to set up and use. It works very well on bumpy uneven roads. We liked it so much we bought one for both our cars.

By, ​Tony on ​April 10, 2018


Great product. I had bought 2. 1 for my jeep and the other for my truck. I put it the Jeep first it is an off road vehicle damn thing works perfect! I immediately install the second in my truck. 


By, ​Nancy on ​April 5, 2018


Absolute the best investment I have every made! I have bought 2 or 3 plastic cell phone holders before and it never held my phone tightly and my phone always slid out. This was especially frustrating when I was using my GPS on my phone. I read lots of reviews and I am very happy with my purchase. It comes with 2 magnets, for 2 phones and adheres to your dashboard well. I highly recommend this.

By, ​Amy on ​April 2, 2018


Bought 3 of these and love them. One for my car, nightstand, and bathroom.

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