Portable USB Blender Bottle

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With this amazing portable juicer/blender you can make your perfect juice or food anywhere you want. Rather you need to make your baby their favorite meal on the go, blend your protein shake at the gym, or if you simply enjoy making blended drinks in the outdoors or tailgate parties, then this portable USB blender is the perfect choice for you. 

In a kitchen one of the most useful tools is a Juicer/blender. Many of us have come to depend on it in our everyday use. However, there are also situations when it would be great and handy to use a Juicer/blender outside of the kitchen. For example, while camping, at a picnic or any other place where there’s no outlet to plug the blender in. If you are looking for a blender for outdoor situations, then your choice is the Portable USB Blender Bottle!


  • Powerful, chops ice and blends ingredients quickly and finely with high RPM motor
  • Can be recharged with USB cable which is included inside the package
  • Bright colored.
  • Soft and Easy to use with push button on/off control
  • Sharp and durable blades to blend your food items fast.
  • Non Acid proof
  • Comes with filter grid
  • Cups with a lifting Rope
  • Non Slip bottom design


  • Capacity:500ml
  • Battery:2600mah
  • Speed of Motor: Empty 22000 R/M±15% Loaded 15000R/M±15%
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Input:5V 1.5A
  • Output:5V 2A
  • Materials:Imported food-grade PC/PP &304 stainless steel


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Customers Reviews

By, ​Noah on ​April 13, 2018


I use this at work to make protein shakes with whey and almond milk (which, as you know, can be very clumpy if you don't really blend them). It makes a really smoothly blended shake and although it will not crush ice, i do add a couple of small chunks of ice to get it ice cold. It's very easy to clean, simply unscrew the bottle and cap, and rinse the three pieces off. The charge lasts quite long. I have a shake a day and can get through 5 days without having to recharge. The charging area has a watertight seal so if you don't have to worry about water seepage if you just rinse under the faucet.

By, ​Nancy on April 12, 2018


Great product! I love it! Delivered to Poland very fast. Just in one week! highly recommended!

By, ​Brook on ​April 10, 2018


So easy to use and love that I can take it with me to work.

By, ​Erin on ​April 7, 2018


This is a 10 star product!! I am absolutely in love with it and wish I had one years ago!!!! I have many high name blenders and mixers and they are large (countertop style) This has been perfect for single smoothie and protein shakes!!! As an avid runner, I am at the gym a lot. This easily fits in my bag. I put the ingredients in it and do my work out. Afterwards, I grab a little ice and mix my post workout smoothie when I needed it the most! Its difficult to find these that actually miss the protein powder but this one I have had no problems with!

By, Amber on ​April 6, 2018


This is perfect for the gym and being in a hurry. I can throw all my smoothie ingredients inside the container, lock it and mix it on the way to the gym. The battery stays charge for about three hours and can charge in the car. I probably wouldn't use it at my desk at the office depending on what your blending it can be loud. Also I would hand wash this item as it has a lithium battery in it and heat can cause them to blow up. Also do not leave in a hot car.

By, ​EG on ​April 5, 2018


This electric juicer is perfect for traveling you can save lots of money by juicing yourself. It's travel size it can be charged by just plugging it in the wall no batteries to buy saving even more money. It is also a water bottle so no more taking two bottles to work with you when one bottle will do. The portability makes it easy to take to work out traveling or if you just want to go for a walk this is perfect

By, ​Veronica on ​April 2, 2018


This is Da Bomb for all of us Shake loving people. Truly fantastic when you are going to gym and need to make fresh shake. 500 ml capacity is just perfect size. Wish I had this so much sooner!

By, ​Alex on ​March 31, 2018


I tried it for the first time and love it. Making smoothies from my own bottle. Nothing can get better than that. Will definitely try new smoothie mixes. 

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