Anti-Sand Mat

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Color: Blue
Size: 120x150cm
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Sick of SAND RUINING Your Beach Days?! Our Anti-Sand Mat is perfect for beach days out, holidays and a great solution for all the family! This incredible mat gets rid of all that annoying sand using military technology! Smart design allows sand to sift through the material as if it was never there!


  • Color: Green, Blue, Pink
  • Size: 120*150cm, 200 * 150Ccm ,200 * 200cm
  • Weight: 300g, 430g, 450g
  • Material: Polyester


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Customers Reviews

By, ​Karen on ​June 26, 2018


There is some real thought put into this blanket and it's clearly made for a day at the beach. Overall, great purchase and I can't wait to use it on my next trip to the beach or park.

By, ​Angela on June 25, 2018


We took our new beach blanket to the beach last night and I was amazed how big it was! I also thought if the ground was wet it would soak through the blanket but it didn't. Once I took it out I thought there is no way this big blanket will fit back in that tiny bag but in second it was all safely tucked back in the bag. The bag is attached to the blanket which is a great idea. There is also an attached zipper pouch which was a nice addition. We are very pleased with this blanket!

By, ​Kristin on June 23, 2018


Perfect fit for 2 adults, 3 children. Who else would live in our sand castles? In all honesty, the blanket is a kid good size for our family, with adequate room for our littlest to roam. Clean up was super easy and I always welcome a storage bag.

By, ​Becky on June 22, 2018


I bought this blanket for a recent trip to the beach. With 2 kids, we have had trouble with sand getting into everything, and I hoped this would help minimize it. What a great purchase! 

By, ​Nicole on June 20, 2018


The beach is my happy place and ChillaX helps to make the sand less of a mess! I had seen and heard about his blanket from my friends and I was not disappointed. This past weekend my girlfriends and I went to the beach for a bachelorette party and this blanket was perfect for 6 girls. We were able to sit and enjoy each others company without worrying about the sand getting in our snacks!

By, ​Mark on June 17, 2018


Perfect for a day at the beach with the family. The material is soft and wipes clean easily.

By, ​Lauren on June 12, 2018


I got this amazing beach blanket right before my husband and I spent a week in San Diego. I am SO glad we had it. This blanket is huge, it doesn't trap or keep sand on it, in fact the sand just blows or shakes right off. Multiple adult family members were able to lay down on it for a quick snooze and tanning session at the beach. Each corner has a loop for stakes to be put in the sand/ground, those definitely came in handy. I have the blue one and the colors are gorgeous. This is an EXCELLENT purchase and I may even buy another one.

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