GPS Kids Smart Watch

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Kids GPS Smartwatch helps you protect and track your child anytime and anywhere! With functions such as SOS, pedometer, messages, reminders, call reminders, and two-way communication you can make sure your child is safe at all times.

Key Features:


The call function allows your child to communicate with you through the phone at any time

Multiple Localization Way

The watch will auto switch the location way according to the environment

Voice Chatting

Besides calling you can also voice chat and send a message.

Electronic Fence Smart Alarm

Setup a Safe Area for your child and once the child out of the safe area you setup the watch will trigger the alarm straight to your phone. 


Press the SOS key for 3 seconds, to set the three SOS phone number cycle dial, parents can keep an eye of the child's location and situation to prevent accidents.

Remote Monitoring

Send monitoring instructions so you can keep an eye of your child's surroundings.


The healthy body is the foundation of everything, the pedometer is your health assistant, you can calculate your child's walking steps and more.

History Routing

The smartwatch keeps a real-time or historical walking paths.

Call Firewall

Anti-harassment call firewall so unknown numbers can't call in. You can set up to 10 phone numbers that are allowed to call the watch.

Forbidden in class? No Problem.

Let the children concentrate in class and set three groups of non-disturbing time periods.

Remote alarm clock

Setup an alarm clock for your child for easier mornings.

The GPS Kids Smart Watch Is Available in 6 Colors and is Waterproof.

Customers Reviews

By, ​Mika on ​August 31, 2017


Got this of my 2 kids (5 & 7 year olds) and I'm so happy with my purchase! They love to wear it and I'm more relaxed knowing that they have it on. Great quality for a great price!

By, ​Liam on ​August 22, 2017


Incredible product! My kids feel safer and specially when I’m not there and the kids are by themselves. 10/10 recommended.  

By, ​Jim on ​July 27, 2017


Love the different functions this watch has. I can even talk to them with the 2-way audio option. Great product, great quality.

By, ​Brad on ​June 18, 2017


I wish I knew about this product before. This is so awesome! The kids love it. 10/10 recommended. 

By, Chris on ​May 21, 2017


The best part about this product is how useful it is! My kids wear it all the time and we use it to track where they are when me and my wife are at work. We send them messages and voice chats. Now we can wait with getting them cellphones ;)

By, ​Donna on ​April 22, 2017


Great invention! I wish we had them when we were young hahaha. Love this and recommend this to any parent. 

By, Yuri on ​March 30, 2017


All parents out there, get these watches to your kids! They will love it and you'll know that they are safer out there. 10/10

By, ​Dana on ​February 22, 2017


Got 2 of these and we absolutely in love with this product! Lovely design and features. Kids love it too ;) 

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