Rotating Smart Home Camera

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This innovative smart home camera is the one of the most advanced safety solutions in the market. The 360° feature ensures you see every corner of the room at once (in full HD) with nowhere to hide. The panoramic views let you see everything that is happening inside or outside your house, business, or can even be used as a baby monitor. The camera can be easily installed anywhere you like. The best part is that it streams the video right to your phone, letting you watch and capture every move at anytime.

The 360° Smart Home Camera is the perfect solution to keep your loved ones safe and to give you peace of mind. Its unique design and features like motion detection, two-way audio, night vision, alarm messaging and most importantly the 360°panoramic view, is what sets it apart from any other competitor in the market.

360° Panoramic

Ordinary security cameras have a very narrow field of view, allowing anyone to sneak around their large blind-spots undetected. But 360° Smart Home Camera covers a full 360° of any room up to 1000 square feet in size. Anything that happens in the room will be captured in vivid HD video.

Live Streaming

Simply download the app and start streaming live video from the 360° Smart Home Camera straight to your phone, laptop, or tablet, letting you pause, rewind or save video clips, even when away from the camera. 

Dual Axle Bearing

360° Horizontal rotation and 100° vertical rotation ensures you see every corner of the room at once (in full HD) with nowhere to hide. 

2-Way Audio

Talk into your phone and the 360° Smart Home Camera will transmit your voice into the room via the built-in speaker. This is ideal for talking to your pets, kids, or baby. The microphone also allows them to respond so you can have a conversation if needed.

Motion Detection Alarm

When motion detected the 360° Smart Home Camera will send you live alerts to your phone while recording it to your app. 

Night Vision

The 360° Smart Home Camera has a built-in Infra Red-CUT photosensitive function for clear monitoring during the night time or when dark. 

Loop Recording

The 360° Smart Home Camera supports a TF Card up to 32GB for local storage and the loop recording feature automatically overwrites oldest files if the memory fills up so you never run out of space. 

Multi Users

Setup multiple users with the app to monitor the 360° Smart Home Camera from everyones phones. 

Peace Of Mind

Whether you’re on the beach, at dinner or in another country, you can always see exactly what’s happening at your home or office, live.


  • Supported Mobile Systems: iOS, Android
  • Video Compression Format: H.264
  • Viewing Angle (Degree): 360°
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 98, Windows 8, Mac iOS, Windows XP
  • Alarm Action: FTP Photo, Email Photo, Local Alarm
  • IR Distance(m): 10m
  • TF Card: Max 32G TF Card
  • Sensor: CMOS
  • Network Interface: Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g
  • Connectivity: WiFi
  • Lens (mm): 3.6mm
  • Power Consumption(W): 5W
  • High Definition: 1080P (Full-HD)
  • Sensor Brand: SONY
  • Dimensions (L x W x D)(mm): 8.6*8.6*13cm
  • Type: IP Camera
  • Power Supply(V): DC 5V 1.6A
  • Audio Output: Speaker

Customers Reviews

By, ​Christa on ​March 12, 2018


Few weeks ago I got the 360° Smart Home Camera and me and my husband love it so much. Both of us we need to work and my kid are being taking care of by a nanny so whenever we have time we try to see what they are doing at home. 360 degree turn up and down and good to see at darkness. Very recommend.

By, ​Doug on ​March 6, 2018


The camera is so cool. Its image is very clear. We bought one in the bedroom before, and now it's in the toy room. So we can watch the baby at any time.

By, John on ​March 2, 2018


Using this camera as a baby monitor at the baby's room first, works great! I think need to get some more to put elsewhere in my wide open living room and capture every bit of the space and even into the adjacent kitchen, dining room and study. I would buy from you again.

By, ​Jim on ​February 23, 2018


Works well for indoor use, it's a wonderful remote camera for peel in and check on dogs or kids live, to watch the house from your phone app is GREAT!! Good buy and super easy to use.

By, ​Gina on ​February 17, 2018


Night vision works better than my other home camera and provides very good and clear picture, and sound works as well as you can expect. This camera is actually doing everything I need.

By, ​Dylan on ​February 10, 2018


By, ​Taylor on ​February 2, 2018


Really nice. Very nice solid housing. A little learning curve to use but not bad. I was able to get it up and running and viewing in a short time.

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